2008 NBA Mock Draft


  • Michael Beasley – Minnesota Timberwolves – PF 6-9 235lbs
    Excellent scorer from inside and out. Good handles.  Explosive dunker.  Questionable attitude and effort on the defensive end.
    NBA Comparison:  Carmelo Anthony
  • Derrick Rose – Miami Heat – PG 6-4 200lbs
    Extreme athlete who knows how to run a team and makes everyone better. Plays with intensity and energy. Spectacular dunker. Needs to improve outside shot.
    NBA Comparison:  Gary Payton
  • Eric Gordon - Seattle Supersonics – PG/SG 6-2 220lbs
    Excellent scorer, but sort of a tweener.  TThe Sonics need another young scorer to play with Kevin Durant.
    NBA Comparison:  Joe Dumars
  • O.J. Mayo - Memphis Grizzlies – SG/PG 6-5 210lbs
    Mayo’s athleticism would fit well with the new run-n-gun Grizzlies. Paired with Rudy Gay and Mike Conley, Memphis could become an exciting young team.
    NBA Comparison:  Dwayne WadeC 7-0 240lbs
    Jordan is young and raw, but his length and upside might make teams take a reach on him.
    NBA Comparison:  poor man’s Dwight Howard
  • Donte Greene - New York Knicks – SF 6-9 220lbs
    Would be a good fit for the Knicks. An athletic, sharp-shooting forward who reminds some of Rashard Lewis.
    NBA Comparison:  Rashard Lewis
  • Jerryd Bayless - LA Clippers – SG 6-3 180lbs
    The Clippers need to add youth and offense to its bench and Bayless can bring both.  He has tremendous range and can score in bunches.
    NBA Comparison:  Gilbert Arenas
  • DeAndre Jordan - Milwaukee Bucks – C 7-0 250lbs
    Jordan may be raw, but his upside is tremendous.  He’s athletic and active and could help toughen up the Bucks’ interior.
    NBA Comparison:  poor man’s Dwight Howard
  • Kevin Love - Philadelphia 76ers – PF/C 6-9 260lbs
    Expect Love’s stock to increase as the NBA Draft nears.  He’s already polished and tough/strong enough to make an immediate impact in the NBA.
    NBA Comparison:  Brad Miller
  • Roy Hibbert - Charlotte Bobcats – C 7-2 280lbs
    The Bobcats need size in the worst way and they don’t get much bigger than Hibbert.  He’s a bit slow, but his work ethic mirrors Emeka Okafor’s.
    NBA Comparison:  Kendrick Perkins
  • Darrell Arthur - Chicago Bulls – PF 6-9 230lbs
    Arthur’s versatility makes him a good fit for Chicago. Most importantly, he’s a good passer. The Bulls have lacked a solid inside presence for a long time and Arthur could develop into that much-needed asset.
    NBA Comparison:  Antonio McDyess
  • D.J. Augustin - Indiana Pacers – PG 5-11 180lbs
    Augustin is quick and effective at getting shots off against larger players.  With Jamaal Tinsley’s locker-room problems and constant injury battles, Augustin could provide insurance at the point guard spot.
    NBA Comparison:  Tony Parker
  • Nicolas Batum - Sacramento Kings – SG/SF 6-8 210lbs
    If Batum slips this far, look for Sacramento to snatch him up despite the fact that they already have a logjam at SF and SG.
    NBA Comparison:  Rudy Gay
  • Chase Budinger – Houston Rockets – SG/SF 6-7 215
    The Rockets would be overjoyed if Budinger fell this far. He’s an athletic, versatile scorer who could provide insurance for the often-injured Tracy McGrady.
    NBA Comparison:  Mike Dunleavy
  • Darren Collison – Portland Trail Blazers – PG 6-1 170
    Russell Westbrook has taken over at point guard for UCLA, but Collison’s upside is too great to pass here. He’s quick and a great passer and could help the Blazers at point.
    NBA Comparison:  Sherman Douglas


2007 NBA Draft Results and Analysis

Draft Day Trades Update

  • Seattle trades Ray Allen and the 35th pick to the Boston Celtics for Wally Szczerbiak, Delonte West, pick #5 (Jeff Green) and possibly a future second round pick
  • New York trades Steve Francis, Channing Frye to Portland for Zach Randolph, Fred Jones and Dan Dickau
  • Apparently the Phoenix Suns have traded the 24th pick (Rudy Fernandez) to the Portland Trail Blazers for cash.
  • The Golden State Warriors trade Jason Richardson to the Charlotte Bobcats for the 8th pick of the draft (Brandan Wright)


  1. Portland selects Greg Oden C
    No surprise here. This must mean Durant’s going to Seattle.
  2. Seattle selects Kevin Durant F
    So far, so predictable. The Sonics haven’t had a pick so high since drafting Gary Payton in 1990.  The Sonics are said to be very close to trading Ray Allen to the Boston Celtics for the fifth pick (apparently they’ll be taking Jeff Green), Delonte West and Wally Szczerbiak.  That’s a very controversial move and Sonics fans are not happy.
  3. Atlanta selects Al Horford F
    Also not a surprise.  The Hawks will probably be making some trades either during the draft or soon after.
  4. Memphis selects Mike Conley PG
    So far there hasn’t been any huge surprise other than the Ray Allen rumor.  Memphis gets a point guard with a lot of upside.
  5. Seattle selects Jeff Green F
    This pick is said to be for the Seattle Supersonics as part of the Ray Allen deal, which is very odd since they already have Durant and have to figure out what to do with Jeff Green. We’ll have to see what happens and if this deal becomes official.
  6. Milwaukee selects Yi Jianlian F
    Jianlian has a ton of upside. Interesting pick, considering his agent wouldn’t let him workout with Milwaukee. The Chinese government wanted him to go to a higher market team. Guess that’s not happening.
  7. Minnesota selects Corey Brewer FG
    There were some late rumors that the Wolves might surprise and take Al Thornton and earlier rumors suggested they’d take Spencer Hawes, but this pick makes more sense. Brewer’s going to be a stud.
  8. Charlotte selects Brandan Wright F
    MJ goes with a North Carolina guy.  Wright could be the third best player in the draft, but won’t be that great for a few years.
  9. Chicago selects Joakim Noah F
    Not a big surprise here. Noah makes sense for Chicago, even though he’s overrated.
  10. Sacramento selects Spencer Hawes CF
    This pick makes sense. The Kings get a talented big man prospect.***Moreover, it’s seems all but official that Ray Allen has been dealt to the Boston Celtics for Jeff Green, Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West. Weird.
  11. Atlanta selects Acie Law PG
    After all the discussion about who the Hawks will take at #11, Law gets the nod. He’s ready to contribute right away, but might be more of a scorer than a distributor.***Apparently, the New York Knicks have just traded Steve Francis, Channing Frye and Jerome James to the Portland Trail Blazers for Zach Randolph and Dan Dickau.
  12. Philadelphia selects Thaddeus Young F
    Young has been climbing the draft ladder of late, and passes Al Thornton and Julian Wright (who was expected to drop).
  13. New Orleans selects Julian Wright F
    So, Wright doesn’t slip as much as I thought he would. Excellent athlete with a suspect shot. The Hornets have a lot of talent.
  14. LA Clippers selects Al Thornton F
    The Clippers were thought to be taking Javaris Crittenton here, but with Thaddeus Young and Julian Wright going 12 and 13, Al Thornton drops.  He’s a freak of an athlete and brings some depth to the Clippers.
  15. Detroit selects Rodney Stuckey G
    A good pick here. The Pistons were said to really like this kid. He reminds some of Gilbert Arenas. Stuckey is the first Big Sky Conference player to be taken in the first round since 1978 when Michael Ray Richardson was taken.
  16. Washington selects Nick Young G
    Young’s a solid scorer who should contribute right away. Kind of an interesting pick considering the Wizards need some size fast.
  17. New Jersey selects Sean Williams F
    There was some late speculation that Williams might be there guy. He’s a lottery pick if not for the off court problems. Tons of talent.
  18. Golden State selects Marco Belinelli G
    Could be the best shooter in the draft. This Italien can play both guard positions, but needs to work on defense. No matter. Golden State doesn’t play defense anyway. Still, don’t be surprised if this pick gets traded. The Warriors have a logjam at guard already.
  19. LA Lakers select Javaris Crittenton PG
    It was thought that Acie Law might drop, but in the end it was Crittenton.  A TON of upside at 6-5, but will need some seasoning. The Lakers needed a point guard, so this makes some sense.
  20. Miami selects Jason Smith F
    Smith slips from where some thought he’d end up. The Heat get a talented, athletic big man with a lot of mobility. He still has much seasoning needed before becoming a key contributor.
  21. Philadelphia selects Daequan Cook G
    Tons of upside here.  Look for a lot of highlight reels with Cook and Andre Iguodala.  Add Louis Williams to that mix and the Sixers have some up-and-comers in the back court.
  22. Charlotte selects Jared Dudley F
    Charlotte goes out on a limb a bit and makes an excellent pick.  Dudley gives them insurance if Gerald Wallace isn’t re-signed. He’s talented and a hard worker and could contribute right away.
  23. New York selects Wilson Chandler F
    This is what everyone expected. Chandler is the type of player Isiah Thomas loves.  Raw and athletic. His basketball IQ hasn’t caught up to his NBA body, but he has a lot of talent and upside.
  24. Phoenix selects Rudy Fernandez G
    Reminds many of Manu Ginobili, but thinner.  Is an excellent fit in Phoenix. Needs to improve defensively, but maybe not since he plays for Mike D’Antoni.  Playing solid defense might be a knock against him.  Still, an exciting talent.
  25. Utah selects Morris Almond F
    This pick makes sense for the Jazz. Almond does a lot of things well and could swing to the two spot, where the Jazz need help.
  26. Houston selects Aaron Brooks PG
    Brooks was probably the best point guard left in the draft.  However, he might be more of a two guard than a true point.  Still, he’s quick as lightning and has a lot of talent. With Rafer Alston and Mike James, it will be interesting to see where he fits in with Houston.
  27. Detroit selects Arron Afflalo G
    The Pistons take another scorer on the perimeter. Afflalo plays a lot like Rodney Stuckey, who was the Pistons pick at 15. Afflalo’s a good scorer who knows how to use his body and plays solid defense. One of these guys might be traded.
  28. San Antonio selects Tiago Splitter FC
    Splitter slips a ton.  He’s a perfect grab for San Antonio as they might not have to pay him next year.  He might not be able to opt out of his current contract, which has one year left. Great pick for the Spurs.
  29. Phoenix selects Alando Tucker F
    This is an interesting pick for the Suns. Tucker is a sound player who’s said to be very coachable, but the Suns don’t address their desperate frontcourt needs with this draft as expected.
  30. Philadelphia selects Petteri Koponen PG
    Koponen impressed a lot of scouts and has tremendous upside at the point position.  This means that Derrick Byars and Josh McRoberts slip out of the first round.SECOND ROUND
  31. Seattle selects Carl Landry F
  32. Boston selects Gabe Pruitt PG
  33. San Antonio selects Marcus Williams FG
  34. Dallas selects Nick Fazekas F
  35. Boston selects Glen Davis F
  36. Golden State selects Jermareo Davidson F
  37. Portland selects Josh McRoberts F
  38. Philadelphia selects Kyrylo Fesenko C
  39. Miami selects Stanko Barac C
  40. LA Lakers selects Sun Yue F
  41. Minnesota selects Chris Richard F
  42. Portland selects Derrick Byars F
  43. New Orleans selects Adam Haluska G
  44. Orlando selects Reyshawn Terry F
  45. LA Clippers selects Jared Jordan G
  46. Golden State selects Stephane Lasme F
  47. Washington selects Dominic McGuire G
  48. LA Lakers select Marc Gasol C
  49. Chicago selects Aaron Gray C
  50. Dallas selects Renaldas Seibutis G
  51. Chicago selects JamesOn Curry G
  52. Portland selects Taurean Green PG
  53. Portland selects Demetris Nichols F
  54. Houston selects Brad Newley G
  55. Utah selects Herbert Hill F
  56. Milwaukee selects Ramon Sessions G
  57. Detroit selects Sammy Mejia G
  58. San Antonio selects Giorgos Printezis F
  59. Phoenix selects D.J. Strawberry G
  60. Dallas selects Milovan Rakovic C

Memphis Grizzlies Trade Rumor – Pau Gasol

The Memphis Grizzlies are apparently asking for less now in exchange for Pau Gasol.  The Chicago Bulls still seem like the team most likely to land Gasol.  Originally, the Grizzlies were asking for Luol Deng and Ben Gordon along with P.J. Brown’s expiring contract and a draft pick.  Now, it seems they’ll settle for Deng or Gordon and another young player like Thabo Sefolosha and a draft pick.
Also, the Memphis Grizzlies are trying to trade for Portland’s Jamaal Magloire (whose $8.3 million contract expires after this season) in exchange for Stromile Swift and Dahntay Jones.
Fantasy Spin:  Gasol would be a nice fit on the Bulls, who desperately need a back-to-the-basket, low post scorer.  Also, Gasol’s ability to pass the ball out of double teams would be an ideal fit.  If Gasol goes to Chicago, expect his numbers to still hover around 20-10, as the Bulls don’t have a whole lot of offensive weapons.  Having Gasol on the team might hurt Deng or Gordon’s scoring productivity, but certainly it wouldn’t hurt their field goal percentage, as they’d be getting more open looks.
If the Grizzlies move Gasol in one deal and pick up Magloire in another, look for Magloire to get plenty of minutes.  In this scenerio, Swift would also be gone, which means Magloire would only have to compete with the oft-injured Jake Tsakalidis for playing time.

Nba Draft Prospects

The future is looking bright for the NBA as numerous highly touted prospects develop in high school, college and over seas.  The NBA adopted a new rule that was effective as of last June’s draft that players must be at least 19 years of age to declare themselves eligible for the draft. As a result, fans hope to see more NBA-ready players come in as rookies. Here are some of the top prospects across the globe.


  • Hasheem Thabeet 7-3 265lbs – UConn
    Hasn’t played organized ball for long, but is huge and very coordinated and mobile for his size. Has a soft touch to his shot and the frame to add weight.  Needs to develop more of an offensive game. Is still very raw.
  • Roy Hibbert 7-2 280lbs – Georgetown
    Great size and rebounding ability. Excellent free throw shooter with soft hands.  Not much of an athlete, though, and has trouble against athletic big men.

Power Forwards

  • Tyler Hansbrough 6-8 245lbs – North Carolina
    Tough-nosed, big game player who can score on the low block and is a savvy rebounder. A bit undersized to play the four in the NBA, though, and not a great athlete.

Small Forwards

  • Michael Beasley 6-9 235 – High School (eligible in 2008)
    Has the potential to be one of those “special” players. Extremely athletic and versatile. Great size. Needs to be more consistent.
  • L.R. Lbah a Moute 6-7 230lbs – UCLA
    Extremely athletic and versatile. Has a 7-2 wing span. Is relatively new to the game, but learns fast. Has the potential to become a great defender. Needs to play the game more and continue to develop all around.

Shooting Guards

  • Eric Gordon 6-4 210lbs – High School (eligible in 2008)
    Excellent scorer.  Can shoot the lights out or get to the line on a drive. Very athletic. Is a little undersized for the two guard spot. Could improve his passing ability.
  • Bill Walker 6-5 235lbs – High School (eligible in 2008)
    Freakish athlete. Dunks like the all-time great dunkers. Still relies too much on atheticism and needs to develop more skill, but his upside is through the roof. Intense on the court and a hard worker.
  • Brandon Rush 6-6 205lbs – Kansas
    Athletic wing who knows how to take over a game. Very versatile on the wing.
  • Nicolas Batum 6-8 210lbs – France
    Very versatile player with solid range. Clutch shooter and a tough competitor.  Needs to add strength to be able to finish better in traffic.
  • Richard Roby 6-6 190lbs – Colorado
    Excellent shooter. Has length and athleticism. Is Kenyon Martin’s half brother. Needs to add strength and play with more passion.

Point Guards

  • Derrick Rose 6-4 195lbs – High School (eligible in 2008)
    An incredible talent. Extremely athletic with great ballhandling skills. Could be a special player. Good head on his shoulders and is humble. Right now he’s a great scorer, but he needs to improve on his point guard skills.
  • OJ Mayo 6-5 210lbs – High School (eligible in 2008)
    Another potentially special player. Incredible athlete with great one-on-one skills. Incredible first step. Excellent defender. Reminds some of Dwayne Wade. Needs to learn how to take the point guard role.
  • Ronald Steele 6-2 185lbs – Alabama
    Solid floor general who can make plays around the basket. Excellent leader and tough defender.  Not a great athlete and needs to be more consistent of a scorer.

2007 NBA Mock Draft

Updated 6-28-2007
*** Check out the results of the 2007 NBA Draft with comments at the LIVE Pick-by-Pick with Fantapedia***

Eh,…so what if 6/30 isn’t the greatest ratio.  With how chaotic the NBA Draft can be, that really isn’t all that bad.  Still, here’s a look at what Fantapedia.net predicted for the 2007 NBA Draft.

  1. Greg Oden - Portland Trail Blazers – C 7-0 280lbs
    The Blazers need another scorer at the three, so Durant would be a good fit, but they won’t pass on a dominant center. CORRECT
  2. Kevin Durant – Seattle Supersonics – SF 6-10 225lbs
    Now they have to figure out what to do with Rashard Lewis.  The northwest is the big victor in this draft. CORRECT
  3. Al Horford - Atlanta Hawks – PF 6-9 245lbs
    Horford may be one of the most NBA-ready players in the draft.  If this pick doesn’t get traded, that could mean either Marvin or Shelden Williams will get dealt.  CORRECT
  4. Mike Conley - Memphis Grizzlies – PG 6-1 180lbs
    The Grizzlies have narrawed down its options to Conley, Corey Brewer, Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Brandan Wright, which doesn’t make predicting the pick any easier. CORRECT
  5. Yi Jianlian - Boston Celtics – F 7-0 250lbs
    Danny Ainge wants Yi (pronounce “E”), Doc Rivers wants Jeff Green and Paul Pierce wants the pick traded for a veteran.  INCORRECT
  6. Brandan Wright - Milwaukee Bucks – PF 6-9 210lbs
    The Bucks are elated that Wright, whom some think is the third best prospect in the draft, falls this far.  INCORRECT
  7. Corey Brewer - Minnesota Timberwolves- F/G 6-9 190lbs
    He’s rail-thin, but some think he’s the second coming of Scottie Pippen.  CORRECT
  8. Joakim Noah – Charlotte Bobcats – PF 6-11 235lbs
    This might be a mistake. Noah doesn’t have much skill, but he is long, mobile and intense and could help Emeka Okafor down low.  INCORRECT
  9. Spencer Hawes - Chicago Bulls – C 7-0 250lbs
    He’s a perfect fit for Chicago, even though he’ll need to get stronger and improve defensively.  INCORRECT
  10. Jeff Green - Sacramento Kings F 6-9 235lbs
    Ron Artest is being shopped and Green could slip because he has limited upside. Though he does look ready to contribute right away.  INCORRECT
  11. Rodney Stuckey - Atlanta Hawks – G 6-5 210lbs
    Stuckey might be the best kept secret of this draft. Rumors have the Seattle Supersonics sending Luke Ridnour to Atlanta for this pick. If that happens, they could go with Stuckey.  INCORRECT
  12. Al Thornton - Philadelphia – SF 6-7 220lbs
    Freak of athlete who would give them a scary highlight reel alongside Andre Iguodala.  INCORRECT
  13. Thaddeus Young – New Orleans Hornets – F 6-7 210lbs
    The Hornets could also opt for Nick Young, but they’ve been very intrigued with Thaddeus’ athleticism of late.  INCORRECT
  14. Javaris Crittenton – LA Clippers – PG 6-5 190lbs
    Great size and athleticism at point. They need a point guard with Sam Cassell getting older and Shaun Livingston out for a year.  INCORRECT
  15. Nick Young - Detroit Pistons – SG 6-6 200lbs
    Young would be the perfect fit in Detroit. Great midrange game and athleticism. Needs to be more assertive attacking the basket.  INCORRECT
  16. Julian Wright - Washington Wizards – F 6-8 225lbs
    Wright’s athleticism is appealing, but he slips because he has a suspect outside shot and hasn’t really wow’ed anyone. He was also out of shape for some workouts.  INCORRECT
  17. Jason Smith - New Jersey Nets – F 7-0 230lbs
    A very talented forward who needs seasoning. Quick for a seven footer. The Nets could also go with Josh McRoberts.  INCORRECT
  18. Tiago Splitter – Golden State Warriors – F/C 7-0 240lbs
    This would be a good pick for the Warriors. Splitter might not be ready to come to the NBA right away, but he’d certainly be a good fit in Golden State. INCORRECT
  19. Acie Law - LA Lakers – SF 6-3 185lbs
    Not nearly as much upside as Crittenton or Conley, but he may be more NBA-ready than the two. The Lakers could use a point guard and Law seems ready to play in the NBA.  INCORRECT
  20. Derrick Byars - Miami Heat – F/G 6-7 225lbs
    Byars doesn’t have as much upside as other players available, but he’s a solid defender who can contribute right away.  INCORRECT
  21. Rudy Fernandez – Philadelphia 76ers – SG 6-5 175lbs
    Reminds some of a thinner Manu Ginobili.  Needs to add muscle. Could help the 76ers’ scoring.  INCORRECT
  22. Daequan Cook – Charlotte Bobcats – SG 6-5 210lbs
    Cook has tremendous upside and could be a good prospect for Charlotte.  INCORRECT
  23. Wilson Chandler - New York Knicks – SF 6-7 220lbs
    The Knicks don’t need Chandler, but he fits the mold of the type of player Isiah Thomas looks for and they apparently like him a lot.  CORRECT
  24. Marco Belinelli - Phoenix Suns – SG 6-6 190lbs
    A great shooter who can play both guard spots. Needs to work on defense.  INCORRECT
  25. Arron Afflalo - Utah Jazz – SG 6-5 216lbs
    Afflalo is a smart player who can shoot and play solid defense.   INCORRECT
  26. Josh McRoberts - Houston Rockets – F 6-10 240lbs
    McRoberts has great size and skill, but isn’t that athletic and needs to get tougher.  INCORRECT
  27. Jared Dudley - Detroit Pistons – SF 6-7 225lbs
    A great basketball talent and a great worker who would fit in with Detroit very well.  INCORRECT
  28. Alando Tucker - San Antonio Spurs – SF 6-7 210lbs
    High basketball IQ and solid scorer.  Very coachable and would fit right in with the Spurs.  INCORRECT
  29. Petteri Koponen – Phoenix Suns – PG 6-4 195lbs
    Koponen has impressed in draft workouts and could be the future point guard after Steve Nash retires.  INCORRECT
  30. Sean Williams - Philadelphia 76ers – PF 6-10 230lbs
    High risk, high reward pick. Williams has many off court and attitude problems, but is extremely athletic and has tremendous potential.  INCORRECT

Top NBA players for 2006

The following player rankings are based on rotisserie style with 9 STAT CATS (PTS, RBS, ASSTS, 3s, STLS, BLKS, FG%, FT%, and TOs)

  1. Kobe Bryant - Might be the league’s top player.
  2. Dirk Nowitzki - After a disappointing post season, expect Dirk to be fired up.
  3. Shawn Marion - He falls on this list if he’s traded from the Suns.
  4. LeBron James - He’s tasted an NBA Finals. Expect a big surge in 2007-2008.
  5. Kevin Garnett – Will be a fantasy stud wherever he plays.
  6. Gilbert Arenas - Would be higher, but high turnovers and low FG% hurts. 
  7. Steve Nash – Incredible assists with high percentages is a rare thing.
  8. Amare Stoudemire – He should be healthy by the start of the season.
  9. ↑ Chris Paul - If healthy, Paul is one of the league’s top point guards. 
  10. Jason Kidd - His back is a concern.
  11. Pau Gasol - With Mike Conley Jr. and best friend Juan Carlos Navarro passing him the ball, expect even bigger numbers next season.
  12. Rashard Lewis - Orlando is a fantasy play ground for Lewis.
  13. Tim Duncan - An impressive season in 2006-2007 makes him a high commodity for next season.
  14. ↑ Yao Ming – Injuries and turnovers kill him. His FG and FT percentages are excellent, though, and at a high volume.
  15. ↑ Josh Smith - Smith fills the stat sheets and provides a big boost in blocks.
  16. ↑ Marcus Camby - He never plays a whole season, but his numbers are great. He drops on this list if you’re in a H2H league.
    ↑ Gerald Wallace
    - Started slow last season, but finished strong.
  17. Vince Carter - Carter’s decision to re-sign was a smart one.
  18. Andre Iguodala - He’s the new AI in Philly.
  19. Chris Bosh - He needs to get those blocks up if he wants to move up on this list.
  20. Carlos Boozer - Great points and boards, but doesn’t fill some of the other stats.
  21. Chauncey Billups - Billups has been Mr. Consistent and has a new contract to show for it.
  22. Caron Butler - He was excellent when healthy last season.
  23. Baron Davis - If Davis plays like he did last season, he’s easily in the top twenty. The big question is can he repeat a season of being healthy.
  24. Michael Redd - Excellent scorer with great percentages, but not very well-rounded in fantasy.
  25. ↑ Kevin Martin - Excellent scorer who provides a big boost in the percentages.  
  26. Ray Allen - He’ll be pumped up to play in his home town with Paul Pierce.
  27. Tracy McGrady - T-Mac didn’t have that great of a season last year, but assuming he stays healthy, he should do better with more ball handlers on the team.
  28. Joe Johnson – If he comes to camp healthy, he shoots up fast on this list.
  29. ↑ Josh Howard – Howard was a first-time All Star last season. 
  30. Luol Deng - Look for another break out season. 20+ ppg.
  31. ↑ Al Jefferson – Will be the main guy in Minnesota. 
  32. Allen Iverson - Turnovers are still high, but assists might make up for it.
  33. Antawn Jamison - Jamison is the quiet assasin in fantasy. He’s very consistent, but doesn’t get a lot of attention.
  34. ↓ Paul Pierce – Allen takes a huge load off Pierce, which should help reduce those turnovers.
  35. ↓ Dwayne Wade - No clear indication about when he’s coming back.
  36. Jason Richardson – On the one hand, he won’t be playing under Don Nelson’s system next year. On the other hand, he’ll be the main scorer.
  37. Kirk Hinrich - He’s off and on, but has the ability to put up numbers like a poor man’s Chauncey Billups. 
  38. Deron Williams - Williams should only continue to improve.
  39. Emeka Okafor - He had a great season last year, but needs to work on FT%.
  40. Manu Ginobili - If he stays completely healthy, he’s a great fantasy contributor.
  41. ↓ Brandon Roy - If he can stay healthy, he’s the man in Portland.
  42. Rasheed Wallace - See “Antawn Jamison”
  43. Ron Artest - Suspended for the first seven games of the season.
  44. Jermaine O’Neal - Health is a concern.
  45. Carmelo Anthony - Still needs to be more of a well-rounded player and get those turnovers down.
  46. Tyson Chandler – Can he stay healthy and have a repeat season like last year?
  47. Dwight Howard – Huge boost in boards along with good blocks, but he comes with a FT% and turnovers that kill.
  48. Jason Terry - He has a deceptively good fantasy game.
  49. ↑ LaMarcus Aldridge - Portland will be looking more for him to produce this season.
  50. ↑ Andrei Kirilenko - Tension with Sloan seems to have subsided.
  51. Mike Miller - Will have more scorers around him, but should still rack up some threes.
  52. Ben Gordon - Great scorer who’s shooting more threes these days.
  53. ↓ Kevin Durant – Expect some rookie hurdles.
  54. Andris Biedrins - Golden State’s only reliable center. Should get some double-doubles and blocks.
  55. ↓ Leandro Barbosa - Playing behind Grant Hill might hurt his minutes.
  56. ↑ Mo Williams - Don’t expect similar numbers to last season. He was playing for a contract and most of his teammates were hurt.
  57. Ricky Davis - If he stays in Minnesota this season he could be a top fifty fantasy player.
  58. Shane Battier - Not an attractive pick, but does a lot of the little things fantasy owners need.
  59. Lamar Odom - Already hurt. Missing the pre-season to an injury.
  60. ↓ Samuel Dalembert - Dealing with an early injury.
  61. ↑ Andrea Bargnani - Is expected to start at center, and will hit threes.
  62. Tony Parker - Great percentages for a point guard, but not much steals or threes.
  63. Richard Hamilton - Overrated in terms of fantasy, but scorers are sometimes tough to find this late.
  64. David West - If he’s healthy, he’s good for 17-18 ppg and solid boards.
  65. Corey Maggette - Opting out of his contract next summer and taking Elton Brand’s touches.  
  66. Danny Granger - Granger should have an increased role this season.
  67. ↓ Mehmet Okur - Millsap might be taking some of his minutes.
  68. Andre Miller - Great assists, but no threes.
  69. ↑ Rajon Rondo - Is in the perfect spot to produce. Expect big assists and steals from him.
  70. Ben Wallace - Saw a big dip in numbers last season, but still good for boards and some blocks.
  71. Raja Bell - Reaps the benefits of having Steve Nash as a teammate.
  72. T.J. Ford - Expect even more assists with Toronto’s run-n-gun system.
  73. Raymond Felton - Assists are nice, but TOs and FG% are brutal.
  74. Zydrunas Ilgauskas - Somewhat reliable big man, but he’s seeing his numbers dive as he gets older.
  75. Zach Randolph - May not be able to co-exist with Eddy Curry. Still, he gets to the line and shoots a high %.
  76. Tayshaun Prince - Isn’t an appealing pick, but very reliable.
  77. Chris Wilcox - Will be counted on to take more responsibility.
  78. Monta Ellis - Ellis will be backing Baron Davis up at the point guard spot and not starting at two like many thought he would.
  79. Josh Childress - Needs to stay healthy and find minutes amongst many other forwards. 
  80. Rudy Gay - Should benefit from Mike Conley’s presence.
  81. ↑ Peja Stojakovic - Still not 100%, but worth a gamble this late.
  82. ↑ Mike Dunleavy - Will be a key component of a bad team.
  83. Andrew Bynum - Is in better shape and should be ready to produce.
  84. Chris Kaman - Without Brand in uniform, Kaman should get a lot of boards.
  85. David Lee - Even with Zach Randolph in the lineup, they’ll need Lee’s defense.
  86. ↑ John Salmons – Expect solid numbers with Mike Bibby hurt.
  87. ↓ Mike Bibby - Better than his numbers last season.
  88. Boris Diaw - Fantasy owners hope he gets back to producing like he did a couple seasons ago.
  89. ↑ Kelenna Azubuike - Has shown great resolve and with Jason Richardson gone, should take over as the starting two guard. Could be a big steal.
  90. Devin Harris - Should continue to improve this season.
  91. Kyle Korver - A three-point specialist, but a reliable three-point specialist.
  92. Jason Williams - Teammates say he’s looking quick and healthy again.
  93. Stephen Jackson - Golden State’s starting small forward is often overlooked.
  94. Andres Nocioni - The Bulls were unable to land a power forward this off season, so look for Nocioni to continue getting some opportunities. 
  95. ↑ Corey Brewer - With Davis gone, Brewer should see minutes right away.
  96. ↑ Joel Przybilla - He’s back and will start with Oden out for the year.
  97. Jamal Crawford - He’s back and should be able to bring three-pointers with him.
  98. Anthony Parker - He was a consistent fantasy contributor last season.
  99. ↓ Elton Brand - Won’t be back until the All-Star break, but if you can wait on him think of the midseason boost? 
  100. Al Harrington - Overrated fantasy contributer, but is solid.