2007 NBA Mock Draft

Updated 6-28-2007
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Eh,…so what if 6/30 isn’t the greatest ratio.  With how chaotic the NBA Draft can be, that really isn’t all that bad.  Still, here’s a look at what Fantapedia.net predicted for the 2007 NBA Draft.

  1. Greg Oden - Portland Trail Blazers – C 7-0 280lbs
    The Blazers need another scorer at the three, so Durant would be a good fit, but they won’t pass on a dominant center. CORRECT
  2. Kevin Durant – Seattle Supersonics – SF 6-10 225lbs
    Now they have to figure out what to do with Rashard Lewis.  The northwest is the big victor in this draft. CORRECT
  3. Al Horford - Atlanta Hawks – PF 6-9 245lbs
    Horford may be one of the most NBA-ready players in the draft.  If this pick doesn’t get traded, that could mean either Marvin or Shelden Williams will get dealt.  CORRECT
  4. Mike Conley - Memphis Grizzlies – PG 6-1 180lbs
    The Grizzlies have narrawed down its options to Conley, Corey Brewer, Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Brandan Wright, which doesn’t make predicting the pick any easier. CORRECT
  5. Yi Jianlian - Boston Celtics – F 7-0 250lbs
    Danny Ainge wants Yi (pronounce “E”), Doc Rivers wants Jeff Green and Paul Pierce wants the pick traded for a veteran.  INCORRECT
  6. Brandan Wright - Milwaukee Bucks – PF 6-9 210lbs
    The Bucks are elated that Wright, whom some think is the third best prospect in the draft, falls this far.  INCORRECT
  7. Corey Brewer - Minnesota Timberwolves- F/G 6-9 190lbs
    He’s rail-thin, but some think he’s the second coming of Scottie Pippen.  CORRECT
  8. Joakim Noah – Charlotte Bobcats – PF 6-11 235lbs
    This might be a mistake. Noah doesn’t have much skill, but he is long, mobile and intense and could help Emeka Okafor down low.  INCORRECT
  9. Spencer Hawes - Chicago Bulls – C 7-0 250lbs
    He’s a perfect fit for Chicago, even though he’ll need to get stronger and improve defensively.  INCORRECT
  10. Jeff Green - Sacramento Kings F 6-9 235lbs
    Ron Artest is being shopped and Green could slip because he has limited upside. Though he does look ready to contribute right away.  INCORRECT
  11. Rodney Stuckey - Atlanta Hawks – G 6-5 210lbs
    Stuckey might be the best kept secret of this draft. Rumors have the Seattle Supersonics sending Luke Ridnour to Atlanta for this pick. If that happens, they could go with Stuckey.  INCORRECT
  12. Al Thornton - Philadelphia – SF 6-7 220lbs
    Freak of athlete who would give them a scary highlight reel alongside Andre Iguodala.  INCORRECT
  13. Thaddeus Young – New Orleans Hornets – F 6-7 210lbs
    The Hornets could also opt for Nick Young, but they’ve been very intrigued with Thaddeus’ athleticism of late.  INCORRECT
  14. Javaris Crittenton – LA Clippers – PG 6-5 190lbs
    Great size and athleticism at point. They need a point guard with Sam Cassell getting older and Shaun Livingston out for a year.  INCORRECT
  15. Nick Young - Detroit Pistons – SG 6-6 200lbs
    Young would be the perfect fit in Detroit. Great midrange game and athleticism. Needs to be more assertive attacking the basket.  INCORRECT
  16. Julian Wright - Washington Wizards – F 6-8 225lbs
    Wright’s athleticism is appealing, but he slips because he has a suspect outside shot and hasn’t really wow’ed anyone. He was also out of shape for some workouts.  INCORRECT
  17. Jason Smith - New Jersey Nets – F 7-0 230lbs
    A very talented forward who needs seasoning. Quick for a seven footer. The Nets could also go with Josh McRoberts.  INCORRECT
  18. Tiago Splitter – Golden State Warriors – F/C 7-0 240lbs
    This would be a good pick for the Warriors. Splitter might not be ready to come to the NBA right away, but he’d certainly be a good fit in Golden State. INCORRECT
  19. Acie Law - LA Lakers – SF 6-3 185lbs
    Not nearly as much upside as Crittenton or Conley, but he may be more NBA-ready than the two. The Lakers could use a point guard and Law seems ready to play in the NBA.  INCORRECT
  20. Derrick Byars - Miami Heat – F/G 6-7 225lbs
    Byars doesn’t have as much upside as other players available, but he’s a solid defender who can contribute right away.  INCORRECT
  21. Rudy Fernandez – Philadelphia 76ers – SG 6-5 175lbs
    Reminds some of a thinner Manu Ginobili.  Needs to add muscle. Could help the 76ers’ scoring.  INCORRECT
  22. Daequan Cook – Charlotte Bobcats – SG 6-5 210lbs
    Cook has tremendous upside and could be a good prospect for Charlotte.  INCORRECT
  23. Wilson Chandler - New York Knicks – SF 6-7 220lbs
    The Knicks don’t need Chandler, but he fits the mold of the type of player Isiah Thomas looks for and they apparently like him a lot.  CORRECT
  24. Marco Belinelli - Phoenix Suns – SG 6-6 190lbs
    A great shooter who can play both guard spots. Needs to work on defense.  INCORRECT
  25. Arron Afflalo - Utah Jazz – SG 6-5 216lbs
    Afflalo is a smart player who can shoot and play solid defense.   INCORRECT
  26. Josh McRoberts - Houston Rockets – F 6-10 240lbs
    McRoberts has great size and skill, but isn’t that athletic and needs to get tougher.  INCORRECT
  27. Jared Dudley - Detroit Pistons – SF 6-7 225lbs
    A great basketball talent and a great worker who would fit in with Detroit very well.  INCORRECT
  28. Alando Tucker - San Antonio Spurs – SF 6-7 210lbs
    High basketball IQ and solid scorer.  Very coachable and would fit right in with the Spurs.  INCORRECT
  29. Petteri Koponen – Phoenix Suns – PG 6-4 195lbs
    Koponen has impressed in draft workouts and could be the future point guard after Steve Nash retires.  INCORRECT
  30. Sean Williams - Philadelphia 76ers – PF 6-10 230lbs
    High risk, high reward pick. Williams has many off court and attitude problems, but is extremely athletic and has tremendous potential.  INCORRECT