2008 NBA Mock Draft


  • Michael Beasley – Minnesota Timberwolves – PF 6-9 235lbs
    Excellent scorer from inside and out. Good handles.  Explosive dunker.  Questionable attitude and effort on the defensive end.
    NBA Comparison:  Carmelo Anthony
  • Derrick Rose – Miami Heat – PG 6-4 200lbs
    Extreme athlete who knows how to run a team and makes everyone better. Plays with intensity and energy. Spectacular dunker. Needs to improve outside shot.
    NBA Comparison:  Gary Payton
  • Eric Gordon - Seattle Supersonics – PG/SG 6-2 220lbs
    Excellent scorer, but sort of a tweener.  TThe Sonics need another young scorer to play with Kevin Durant.
    NBA Comparison:  Joe Dumars
  • O.J. Mayo - Memphis Grizzlies – SG/PG 6-5 210lbs
    Mayo’s athleticism would fit well with the new run-n-gun Grizzlies. Paired with Rudy Gay and Mike Conley, Memphis could become an exciting young team.
    NBA Comparison:  Dwayne WadeC 7-0 240lbs
    Jordan is young and raw, but his length and upside might make teams take a reach on him.
    NBA Comparison:  poor man’s Dwight Howard
  • Donte Greene - New York Knicks – SF 6-9 220lbs
    Would be a good fit for the Knicks. An athletic, sharp-shooting forward who reminds some of Rashard Lewis.
    NBA Comparison:  Rashard Lewis
  • Jerryd Bayless - LA Clippers – SG 6-3 180lbs
    The Clippers need to add youth and offense to its bench and Bayless can bring both.  He has tremendous range and can score in bunches.
    NBA Comparison:  Gilbert Arenas
  • DeAndre Jordan - Milwaukee Bucks – C 7-0 250lbs
    Jordan may be raw, but his upside is tremendous.  He’s athletic and active and could help toughen up the Bucks’ interior.
    NBA Comparison:  poor man’s Dwight Howard
  • Kevin Love - Philadelphia 76ers – PF/C 6-9 260lbs
    Expect Love’s stock to increase as the NBA Draft nears.  He’s already polished and tough/strong enough to make an immediate impact in the NBA.
    NBA Comparison:  Brad Miller
  • Roy Hibbert - Charlotte Bobcats – C 7-2 280lbs
    The Bobcats need size in the worst way and they don’t get much bigger than Hibbert.  He’s a bit slow, but his work ethic mirrors Emeka Okafor’s.
    NBA Comparison:  Kendrick Perkins
  • Darrell Arthur - Chicago Bulls – PF 6-9 230lbs
    Arthur’s versatility makes him a good fit for Chicago. Most importantly, he’s a good passer. The Bulls have lacked a solid inside presence for a long time and Arthur could develop into that much-needed asset.
    NBA Comparison:  Antonio McDyess
  • D.J. Augustin - Indiana Pacers – PG 5-11 180lbs
    Augustin is quick and effective at getting shots off against larger players.  With Jamaal Tinsley’s locker-room problems and constant injury battles, Augustin could provide insurance at the point guard spot.
    NBA Comparison:  Tony Parker
  • Nicolas Batum - Sacramento Kings – SG/SF 6-8 210lbs
    If Batum slips this far, look for Sacramento to snatch him up despite the fact that they already have a logjam at SF and SG.
    NBA Comparison:  Rudy Gay
  • Chase Budinger – Houston Rockets – SG/SF 6-7 215
    The Rockets would be overjoyed if Budinger fell this far. He’s an athletic, versatile scorer who could provide insurance for the often-injured Tracy McGrady.
    NBA Comparison:  Mike Dunleavy
  • Darren Collison – Portland Trail Blazers – PG 6-1 170
    Russell Westbrook has taken over at point guard for UCLA, but Collison’s upside is too great to pass here. He’s quick and a great passer and could help the Blazers at point.
    NBA Comparison:  Sherman Douglas